Two-Walnut Drum w/Snare Throw-Off

Size: 19.5” tall x 13.5” wide x 14” deep. For drummers 5’9″ and shorter.
New Design: A full snare is stretched across the drum face and thrown off and on via a top-quality Ludwig throw-off. You will find our snare configuration gives you the most realistic-sounding snare of any cajon drum on the market. Plus, you can easily throw the snare on and off, even during the middle of a song. In addition to the realistic snare sound, our drum face provides you a crisp, booming bass.
Wood: 7/8″ thick solid hardwood body made from two walnuts:  figured black walnut and urban walnut, with maple accents. Back is ½” thick figured black walnut and urban walnut with 6” sound hole. Front playing surface is solid 1/8” birch plywood sandwiched between a 1/52” walnut crotch veneer and a backing veneer.

Price: $504.95
Shipping: $75